Customized List of Keywords You Can Rank For Today

Customized List of Keywords. Everyone says SEO takes a while and it does.

Especially if you want to rank for competitive terms like “auto insurance” or “credit cards”.

But there must be a list of keywords that you can rank for today that is super easy to rank for. Yet the keywords are still good in which they will drive traffic and sales.

And to help you find those keywords we released a new Ubersuggest feature. That will show you a list of keywords that are perfect for your site in less than 60 seconds.

What do you consider “easy” Neil?

What’s easy for my site to rank for, maybe hard for your site.

And what may be easy for Wikipedia to rank for, maybe hard for my site.

“Easy” is very relative to the site. Depending on your domain authority and the age of your site, a keyword could be easy or hard to rank for.

So, with Ubersuggest, we took that into account when it came to giving you a list of keywords that are “easy” to rank for.

The list is based on your site and what would be easy for you. We base that on a wide variety of factors such as domain authority, age of the site, what you currently rank for, and your current organic traffic level.

How to find easy keywords that are still valuable

Now let’s go find you some keywords that you can start ranking for.

I want you to head over to Ubersuggest and type in a keyword related to your space and click on “Search”.

If you are unsure what keyword to type in, it can be any related to your website and it can be generic. For example, if you have a site that sells “dog food” you can type in the keyword “dog food” or even something like “dog”.

For this example, I used the term “digital marketing” as the site isn’t just about SEO I cover all aspects of online marketing.

You should see a report that looks something like this.

It’s an overview of the keyword. It tells you how many people search for the keyword each month. However, it even breaks down how many people search for that keyword on mobile and desktop devices.

In the left-hand navigation click on “keyword ideas”.

You’ll see a report that looks something like this:

This report is showing you all the similar keywords of the phrase you typed in. In this case, these are all the words and phrases related to digital marketing. There are also tabs on that report, such as related, questions, prepositions, and comparisons. These tabs show even more keyword ideas for you.

Now click on the button that says “Page 1 Ranking Potential”:

Once you enter your domain you’ll see all the keywords you can rank for.

When I put, my ad agency. It filters the results and shows me keywords that are easier to rank for.

When I put in it doesn’t really filter much because the site has so much authority I have the ability to rank for most keywords.

When I put in brand new sites it filters much more. Like when I put in my holding company site it shows me keywords that aren’t competitive at all. But of course, I have even a smaller list as I barely have any authority with that site.

Once you have a list, I want you to look for keywords that contain the following traits:

  • Traffic greater than 100 – even if a keyword is searched 100 times it doesn’t mean you will get 100 visits if you rank number 1. You will only get a fraction of that. So you don’t want to aim too small.
  • High CPC – CPC stands for cost per click. That is what someone pays per click if they advertised on Google Ads. The higher the number the better as it typically means the keyword converts from a visitor to a customer standpoint.
  • Low SEO difficulty – the lower the “SD” or “SEO difficulty” number the easier the keyword is to rank for. So, target keywords with the lowest number first assuming they meet the above 2 points as well.
  • Relevancy – even if a keyword meets the above 3 points, you have to make sure the keyword is relevant to your business. If it isn’t related to what you do then you wouldn’t want to waste your time targeting it. Traffic for the sake of traffic is just a waste of money because you are putting in time and energy optimizing your site for keywords.


SEO is great, but it does take time.

It’s the reason why some people think SEO is dead when it really isn’t. It is just more so competitive and takes longer to rank for popular terms.

So, give this new feature a try. Head over to Ubersuggest and put in a keyword and see what is easy for you to rank for today.

What do you think about the new feature?

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