Evergreen PPC Ads – How To Make Them!

How To Make Evergreen PPC Ads

How to Make Evergreen PPC Ads

Evergreen PPC Ads! Marketers often create PPC ads based on the latest trends and one-time deals, However, these aren’t the only types of paid ads you can create.

Therefore, Evergreen PPC ads are a must-have addition to your marketing arsenal.

Unlike a seasonal ad, they can run throughout the year, even without edits or updates. As a result, they guarantee your paid ads can generate leads every day with minimal effort on your part.

For example, below are tips for creating timeless campaigns that could become an important part of your marketing strategy.

Trending Topic vs Evergreen PPC Ads

Firstly, let’s cover the difference between an evergreen ad and a non-evergreen ad.

PPC ads that aren’t evergreen mostly relate to trends or temporary campaigns.

They might include new information, new tools, or recent trends to make consumers stop and stare. Imagine an ad promoting clothes for the winter season or a cosmetics brand sharing products related to a current beauty trend.

If a brand has a limited-time offer like free shipping or a sale, then a PPC ad could also highlight it at a specific timeframe.

It might also target keywords that focus on urgency, such as “Free Shipping If You Order in the Next 24 Hours” or “New Low Price.”

In contrast, evergreen content typically focuses on timeless topics. These can range from general information about your brand or noteworthy product features.

Evergreen ads may not seem as striking when compared to ads on trending topics and sales.

Despite this limitation, it does a good job at promoting your business to first-time customers who have never encountered your business before.

Unsurprisingly, many consumers prefer to learn more about the business before considering their purchase decision. Consider the fact that 82% of searchers choose a familiar brand for the first click.

How do you pick keywords for this brand type?

Include brand-related keywords like your businesses’ name or target market. Otherwise, your competitors could target your business name and come up on top of the SERPs when people conduct a Google search of your business.

Another tip is to target keywords that are relevant to your products, such as features and benefits. This way, your PPC ads appear when consumers browse for products or services having your products’ capabilities.

Why Should You Create Evergreen PPC Ads?

At a glance, seasonal PPC ads may be more timely and relevant. However, there are a lot of perks to creating evergreen ads.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages to keep in mind.

1. Attract Leads Throughout the Year

Evergreen ads can be turned out whenever you want, without requiring any updates.

This means you have leads and conversions pouring in every day. There’s no need to have a special event or discount to promote your business; instead, you have a core campaign with a steady and fixed offer.

2. Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you have evergreen PPC ads, you can continuously bid on brand-related keywords. This can prevent competitors from owning or dominating in the SERPs.

On top of this, people may be more likely to visit your website and consume your content. Otherwise, competitors may bid for brand-related keywords or industry-related keywords in their ads and persuade potential leads to visit their website instead.

3. Get More Engagement

Since evergreen content can run throughout the year, it can generate more engagement over time. You can also use the previous results of your evergreen ads to determine which topics or copy are more likely to attract your consumers.

Unlike a seasonal campaign, this ad type may resonate with consumers encountering your brand for the first time.

How to Select Topics for PPC Ads That Won’t Get Outdated

At this point, you know the importance of creating evergreen ads, but how can you leverage it for your campaigns? Here are some tips for writing ad copy that won’t become outdated.

1. Brand Awareness

A popular evergreen topic is an “About Me” brand awareness PPC campaign that introduces your company. This can include your company’s core mission and your target audience.

Nextech AR Solutions’ PPC ad for its video conferencing software shows the tool is ideal for virtual conferences, specifically for corporate communications settings. This ad also links to a free consultation and other relevant landing pages.

Evergreen PPC Ads Video

evergreen PPC ads video

2. Benefits

Why should people click your ad? Focusing on the benefits your product or service offers can increase clicks to your website. You can also add relevant keywords so your ad has more chances of popping up when customers browse using your targeted keywords.

This PPC ad by Salesforce keeps it short and simple by highlighting its main benefit, connecting with consumers. Rather than site links, it’s opted for a downloadable CRM handbook to introduce its solution.

Evergreen PPC Ads Salesforce

evergreen PPC ads salesforce

3. Features

Businesses can set themselves apart by highlighting the features of their products or addressing the capabilities of their solutions (such as in the case of SaaS businesses).

Asana’s PPC ad emphasizes the main features of its productivity tool, which include fast setup, setting milestones, managing deadlines, creating Gantt charts, and more.

Evergreen PPC Ads – Asana

evergreen PPC ads - asana

4. Credibility

Consumers are usually wary of clicking ads from brands they don’t know. To ease their worries, you can establish credibility by showcasing industry awards or making realistic promises.

In this PPC ad, Consumers Advocate boasts its credibility by stating its reviews are trusted by more than 45 million consumers. It also shows the ways consumers can compare health insurance plans, such as coverage terms.

Evergreen PPC Ads – Consumers Advocate

evergreen PPC ads - consumers advocate

5. Price

If you have a base price for your services, highlighting the price in the ad copy could work in your favor. This works well if your products or services are affordable or within the usual market price. Since cost is a significant factor for every consumer, accentuating your price could help you stand out against your competitors.

Orbitz PPC ad highlights its rates for car rental, which start at $10 per day. By pointing out the lowest possible price for its car rentals, consumers might be more encouraged to click the ad.

Evergreen PPC Ads – Orbitz
evergreen PPC ads - orbitz

What Not to Include in Your Evergreen PPC Ads

What are the common mistakes to avoid when writing evergreen ads? To boost your chances of success, make sure you avoid these topics:

1. New Slang

Although trendy slang terms could make your social media captions seem more relatable, they can date your content and seem unprofessional when written with evergreen ads.

New slang or trendy terms could also be misunderstood by your target audience.

Consider the phrases like “spill the tea” or “cancel a celebrity.” Older people may perceive “spill the tea” as literally spilling tea. Moreover, they probably won’t understand what it means to cancel a celebrity in our digital age.

Since slang terms are also unfamiliar to the older demographic, you could potentially dissuade a big portion of your target market or cause a big misunderstanding. On top of this, Google could disapprove of your ads once it detects slang that isn’t appropriate.

2. Avoid References to New Businesses or Startups

If you’ve been recognized by a new business or startup, you could be tempted to mention it in your PPC ad. An award or testimonial from these businesses could boost the credibility of your PPC ad.

Unfortunately, new businesses or startups could quickly fail. In fact, more than 90 percent of startups fail in the first year. Not only could this make your ads seem outdated, but the achievement or reference will seem irrelevant. Stick to references from more established companies or organizations.

3. Avoid References to Online Tools

Software companies usually discuss potential third-party integrations, which can boost the functionalities of their solutions.

Imagine a social media marketing tool that can integrate with your CRM or e-commerce store.

There’s nothing wrong with including references to online tools, but it’s not ideal for evergreen PPC ads. Since these online tools’ features and offerings can easily change, you’ll have to regularly check whether the copy is still relevant.

4. Avoid Industry Trends

Industry trends and buzzwords can help your ads stand out from the pack, but avoid using them in your evergreen ads.

Industry trends can change quickly, and buzzwords seem interesting at present but could seem out-of-date just a few months later.

5. Avoid Too Many Exclamation Points

Many PPC ads hope to incite a sense of urgency through limited-time offers or compelling features.

In the process of eliciting a strong sense of urgency, some may add excessive exclamation points to prove their argument. However, exclamation points in multiple rows (!!!) or every phrase (Free shipping! 100 percent Satisfaction Guaranteed! Buy Now!) may seem scammy to consumers and Google.

Don’t rely on punctuation to entice customers. Instead, use compelling words and highlight your businesses’ strengths to attract clicks.

Tracking the Success of Your PPC Ads

Just like every marketing campaign, you need to monitor metrics to ensure success. To get you on the right path, here are the basic metrics for tracking the results of your evergreen PPC ads:

  • Clicks: The number of people who clicked on your PPC ad.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): The total number of clicks on your campaign in a month (or a specified period) divided by the total impressions. For instance, if your ad has 2,000 impressions and 200 clicks, your CTR is 10 percent.
  • Cost per click (CPC): The amount you pay per click.
  • Cost per conversion: How much it costs to acquire a real customer who makes a purchase (or is otherwise converted).
  • Impression share: The number of impressions your ads receive, divided by the total number of impressions your ads got.
  • Average position: Describes how ads typically rank or the order the ad appears on the page.
  • Lifetime value: The expected revenue a customer will generate for your business in their lifetime.
  • Quality score: The estimated quality of your ads and keywords.

Every PPC marketer needs the right tools to generate accurate analytics for their ads. Here’s a few for tracking your evergreen PPC ads:

  • Adgooroo: This tool lets advertisers access knowledge about their competitors’ PPC strategies, including ad copy and keywords.
  • Google Analytics: This free tool lets you track PPC campaign performance, and it also has a premium option for larger businesses.
  • SEMrush: This tool allows you to find advertising competitors based on the keywords you plan to target. You can also click on a competitor and identify the keywords to target for your PPC campaigns.

3 More Examples of Evergreen PPC Ads

Even if you know the basics, it can be difficult for starters to create a successful PPC ad.

Let’s take a look at some more examples of evergreen PPC ads for inspiration.


Sushi restaurant Uogashi launched a PPC ad that offers a glimpse of its authentic products, rare fish sourced from Japan. It also has site extensions to its menu and website, plus a phone number so interested customers can make an order.

Evergreen PPC Ads – Uogashi
evergreen PPC ads - uogashi

Zendesk Sell

This Zendesk PPC ad shows off the product’s features like “easy to use” and “quick to deploy.” Interested customers can click site extensions to a free trial or more information about its tools.

Evergreen PPC Ads – Zendesk Sell
evergreen PPC ads - zendesk sell


How do you encourage customers to check out your product listing even without a sale?

This Walmart ad for Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing upsells to customers with free 2-day shopping and a pickup discount. For additional savings, you can also check out the weekly ad or deal drop.

Although the Nintendo Switch is not on sale, Walmart makes up for it by offering other information relevant to high-intent customers, such as its pickup discount and store locator.

Evergreen PPC Ads – Nintendo
evergreen PPC ads - nintendo

This ad will no longer be relevant when a new Animal Crossing game comes out, but until then, it can bring in relevant traffic from those looking for the current version of the popular game.


Crafting successful evergreen PPC ads isn’t rocket science.

You can focus on various topics to promote your brand throughout the year, such as introducing your company or a list of your product’s benefits and features.

Don’t forget to track the success of your PPC campaigns using different tools and metrics. Also, avoid slang and references to other businesses or tools that can potentially become outdated over time.

Follow these tips, and you could create excellent evergreen ads to run year-round. If you need help with your PPC strategy, feel free to reach out to our team!

What are your strategies for creating evergreen PPC ads for your business?

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